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Apartment Rentals

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Colon 1 is a Residential Complex and as such short term and ANY form of Holiday letting (short or long term) is not permitted. No owner or agent acting on behalf of an owner, has a legal holiday rental certificate allowing such rentals and anyone renting an apartment for holiday use could be at risk of finding the apartment not available to them on arrival.There is no reception on Colon 1 Here Is a question on Janet Anscombe`s website: Q: We have booked a holiday apartment for a 2 week holiday at a cost of over 4,000 pounds. I’ve just heard about this fining for holiday apartments and am worried that we will lose our holiday. What should we do? A: Well the possible problem is twofold: one that you lose your holiday becausethe owners are fined or panic and stop letting immediately; the other is that you lose your deposit as well. You have several options. One is to proceed with the holiday as planned. Another is to ask for the deposit to be returned or lodged in a safe account to which you have access so that you know it is safe should your holiday be cancelled, and then proceed with the holiday as planned. Yet another is to speak to the owners or agent and explain your concerns, asking for your deposit to be returned. This will perhaps be met with some resistance, but apart from them having your money, you are in a strong enough position given that you are in possession of the information that they are acting illegally. What Colon 1 statutes say- Article 6- It will be the obligation of each owner to – g}- As the owners of apartments to notify the Community of the lease of the use or enjoyment of your apartment for any reason, the lessee taking over the duties and rights of the proper owner to the use of common services for the duration of the lease. Article 31/2 …………Short term and touristic rentals are also prohibited. …..the Board may request and obtain through the court the deprivation of use-of the apartment to him and those who live with him. What The Local Laws State- Regarding the Law, to legally rent a property as a tourist let, the OWNER needs to apply for a “Certificado de Viabilidad from the Cabildo” before commencing and upon receipt, then to the Canarian Government for the VV licence itself and register with the tax authorities. Any properties covered by this decree must also not be prohibited from letting for holidays under the terms of community statutes if they are on a complex – and most residential community statutes do in fact prohibit holiday letting. Any let of less than 3 months is automatically deemed a tourist let Owner fines are in the “serious” band, and so range from €1,500 to €30,000 – they are typically €15,000