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Code of Conduct

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Colon 1 is a quiet Residential Complex, to be enjoyed by owners and their invited guests or family. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that all guests comply with the Statues in respect of: ARTICLE 32 - The owners, of individual apartments will, ensure for themselves or on behalf of their occupants, family, employees, servants or visitors, that there is no inconvenience to other neighbours. To that end, they will avoid-: a)-All sorts of annoying noises, especially from 11 pm to 9 am and from 2.30 to 4.30 pm., ensuring that their radios, record players, televisions etc., work at a low volume so that no sound reaches neighbouring apartments. b)- Shaking rugs, blankets, clothes, etc., fully and at any time. c)- Watering plants on the terrace, in a manner which disturbs the occupants of the lower terraces doing it in any case during the hours of the morning, and always before eight o'clock, to prevent just such annoyances. d) Always having clothes hanging out on the terraces, in the interest of good external appearance of the building. e)- Hanging garments or any other belongings or objects on the facade of building on the railings of the terraces and in the hallways and stairs, f)- Having in the apartments or terraces, animals that may cause nuisance of any kind, or which may constitute a danger to health. ARTICLE 33- Owners or their relatives, servants or visitors may not use the stairs as places of rendezvous, reunion, entertainment or recreation. Common hallways may not be occupied by chairs, beds, mattresses, etc., or be used for sunbathing or for children’s games. Neither may ball games, or similar be practiced, and in general all, those which can produce noise and inconvenience to building occupants, should be avoided. ARTICLE 34- It is also forbidden to leave loungers, chairs, etc. in the pool area after 21,00, ARTICLE 37- The pool is only for bathing, thus it is not allowed to use balls, boats, etc., neither any games that disturb the normal enjoyment of the premises, it is not allowed to use shampoo or soap in the showers installed in the pool area. Dogs are not allowed in the garden / pool area and must be kept on a leash at all times outside the owners apartment. Please refrain from smoking in the garden / pool area when children or older people are present.