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Swimming Pool & Garden Covid 19 Mandatory compliance instructions: 1. Do not go to the pool if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or are in quarantine 2. Observe the established safety and hygiene signs, rules and recommendations. Use the pool responsibly’ 3-   Before   entering   the   garden   /   pool   area,   WHICH   MUST   BE   FROM   THE   MAIN   GATE ,   hands   and   shoes   must be disinfected. (hand gel - disinfecting mat, etc). It is prohibited to go in the garden area barefoot. 4. A minimum interpersonal distance of 1.5 meters must be respected within the garden & pool 5. The garden gate & solid floor areas around the pool will be disinfected in the morning.  6.   Users   should   use   their   own   towel   (avoid   sharing   them),   advising   to   wash   thoroughly   with   the   swimwear   when getting home. Never share articles for the bath, swimming or toys. 7.   You   must   know   that   the   facilities   will   be   disinfected   once   a   day   and   a   continuous   cleaning   protocol   will   be maintained. 8.   Once   inside   the   enclosure,   users   should,   at   all   times,   observe   the   general   measures   of   individual   safety, physical   distance,   respiratory   label,   etc.,   and   they   have   to   fulfil   the   measures   of   hygiene,   prevention   and   keep the distance of 1.5 mtrs. Pool shower must not be used.    9.   During   staying   in   the   pool,   objects   should   not   be   shared   with   other   users.   Towels,   creams   or   backpacks should be kept within the limited space so that they do not come in contact with other people. 10 .No balls are to be used on the garden or pool. 11.   Each   user   has   to   come   with   a   plastic   bag   to   introduce   all   the   disposable   material   that   is   produced   during their   stay   in   the   pool.   This   bag   cannot   be   deposited   in   the   bins   of   the   pools   but   in   the   garbage   container disposed for the effect at the exit of the pool or taken to your home. 12.   The   access   of   friends   or   family   members   who   do   not   live   in   the   community   will   not   be   permitted,    by pure solidarity and common sense. It is only for residents and owners. 13.   It   is   prohibited   hanging   the   towels   over   the   fences   or   other   places   of   facilities.      Any   item   abandoned   in   the garden area will be disposed. 14. Users should strengthen personal hygiene, hand washing and respiratory hygiene. 15.   The   pool   will   not   be   accessible   before   opening   hours   and   until   the   staff   has   performed   the   mandatory disinfection of spaces and surfaces  of the pool enclosure. 16.   The   most   frequent   cleaning   and   disinfection   spaces   and   facilities   and   contact   surfaces   are   stairs   and   railings of   stainless   steel,   showers,   doors,   handles      and   any   other   element   in   contact   with   users,   which   is   part   of   the installation. 17.  Only homologate desinfectantes and anti-bacterials will be used 18. No food or drink is allowed 19. Maximum capacity is of ___12__ people. 20. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. 21. Pool hours will be from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm . Monday to Friday only . 22. The use of the pool will be the sole responsibility of the users. Any   future   amendment,   because   of   changes   in   the   regulations,   will      be   incorporated   into   this   protocol   and published in the community board and by email.